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Oil Analysis - Turbine Oil Testing

Turbine Oil Testing

Turbine lube-oil systems are designed to cool bearings, flush contaminants away from rotating parts, prevent leakage of gases, provide hydrostatic lift for shafts and actuating valves in the hydraulic circuit and protect lube-system internals. Turbine oil formulations must handle large temperature fluctuations and the ingression of contaminants such as dirt and water. Monitoring in-service turbine oil condition for deterioration and degradation can significantly extend the life of both the lubricant and the turbine

The key to efficient turbine maintenance is routine monitoring of the oil, which ensures that decisions involving the turbine, including scheduling of oil changes and other maintenance, are based on what is actually happening inside the unit, instead of the number of hours, days or years of operation. Routine and in-depth monitoring can provide warning signs early enough to take corrective action.

Varnish Potential Analysis

Varnish is an insoluble film that coats the internal components of machinery lubrication systems. The specific lubricant degradation byproducts associated with varnish formation remain elusive so is the need for the special test for finding the VPI ( Varnish Potential Index).

Petrolab offers two packages for turbine oil testing - PEAS - Turbine Oil Quality (Annual) PEAS - Turbine oil monitoring ( Quarterly) confirms to ASTM D4378